Sarah F, Registered Nurse, Sydney, Australia :Sugar addiction /Menopause /Sleep issues /Mood swing

This is a brief testimony of Mrs. Sonya Pinto “I am a Registered Nurse who recently requested assistance from Sonya in her role as a Certified Nutrition coach for issues with Menopause Symptoms. sugar addiction, poor sleep, and mood swings . Sonya was studious in finding out not just my menopause issues but took a holistic approach to my general health. After much discussion and information sharing, she suggested a change in diet ( specifically sugar and caffeine ) and I am now noting a marked improvement in sleep .mood swings, and hot flushes and am inclined to note an overall improvement in my general health. I would recommend Sonya who anyone suffering from similar”
issues.Thank you so much, Sonya “Sarah Fenton, Sydney, Australia.”

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