Low carb idli , no rice , lowfoodmap keto


  • White Urad daal – half a cup
  • Yellow Mong daal – half a cup
  • Fresh ginger-1 blob
  • Fresh cilantro- quarter bunch
  • Green chilly chopped (optional)
  • Asafoetida-1 teaspoon
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 teaspoon fennel and cumin seeds
  • Fruit salts (1 teaspoon) optional

Step 1: Wash half a cup of yellow and white Urad daal and soak in a deep bowl in a cup of water for 1 hour .

Step 2 : Next Grind to a smooth lump free paste in a superior quality mixer grinder and keep aside .

Grind to a fine smooth batter with no lumps

Step 3. Pre heat your oven at 180 degrees C for 10 minutes and shut it . Place the batter in a deep bowl to ferment overnight in the pre heated oven . Let it ferment the whole night and next day around 4.30-5 pm its ready to use . ( I am afraid my phone got hung and I am unable to retrieve all my images taken )

Step 4: Add a small blob of chopped ginger, a teaspoon of cumin , fennel , asafoetida (very important for a healthy digestion especially for Gerd / IBS etc ) , salt to taste , chopped green chilly (optional and best avoided for Gerd / hptlori ) and a small bulb of chopped fresh cilantro and mix well . Add a teaspoon of fruit salts which make it fluffy and soft on steaming. Avoid if you don’t have it . (So sorry but no images as my phone got hung . )

Brush the idli stand with a teaspoon of cooking oil and layer after adding the batter

Step 5: Steaming : Now its time to steam the batter in a idli steamer as in the image . Add a dash of oil to the steamer plates so it does not stick . Layer one on top of another and insert into a pressure cooker . Add 1.5 cup water and steam with the lid on for 25 minutes (with no whistle ) until it’s cooked through.

This is how it looks freshly steamed in the cooker

Step 6: Once it’s done gently open the cooker as per cooker package instructions . Let the idlis cool . Gently remove with a sharp knife . Serve hot with either ready made chutney powder or Sambhar (spicy lentil curry, recipe on the blog ) , dig into your gratifying low carb dinner, bon appetite .

Disclaimer: These recipes are for normal healthy people . If you suffer from any chronic disease like Gerd /Acidreflux/Candida /SIBO gastritis/ IBS/ Leakygut/ Autoimmunedisease, Thyroid issues etc etc this may or may not be applicable for your particular condition. Feel free to DM me for a free zoom session with no strings attached whatsoever to tailor make a diet for your specific condition. Also if you have any allergies to Nuts or certain ingredients please check before consuming, we are not responsible. All rights reserved .

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