• LPR (laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux) is a specific type of GERD. The reflux reaches the back of the throat and there are sometimes respiratory issues or sinus issues with symptoms like year pain, stuffy nose, headaches/ allergy symptoms ( Rhinitis/Sinusitis/ cold symptoms) due to reflux of excessive mucus accumulating in the nose and dripping back to the throat : Post natal drip

Hidden Root cause may be :

Histamine intolerance

GERD: Loose LES(Lower Esophageal spinchter)

LPR/ Silent Reflux Symptoms

• Sensation of mucus stuck in throat (lump in throat)
• Swallowing issues (dysphagia)
• Shortness of breath
• Sore throat
• Horseness
• Symptoms of sinus /rhinitis/asthma /breathing difficulty/bronchitis
• Post nasal drip
• Regurgitation of food
• Sleep apnea
• If you have ticked more than 80% there is a high probability you suffer from silent reflux or LPR symptoms.
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Difference between GERD and LPR

• GERD stay in the esophagus or may even rise up into the back of the throat.
• GERD has a burning feeling in the chest known as Heartburn.
• GERD has Chest pain symptoms
• GERD has a bad taste in the mouth
• LPR has no heartburn but more mucus in the mouth and pronounced Sinus/Ear Pain /Headache /Respiratory issues (Asthma symptoms) and a post natal drip.
• Both have in common swallowing issues, lump in throat & a Loose LES
• It is possible for a person to have both LPR as well as GERD symptoms together.