Sonya Pinto

Sonya Pinto ,MBA turned Certified Nutrition and Digestive Health coach specialist,CTNC .

Hello,Namaste ,Ola ,Guten Tag, I’m Sonya,a Certified Nutrition and Digestive health coach specialist,CTNC . I also have a Certificate (Food as Medicine) from Monash University. I am a GERD and Hpylori survivor and completely healed now ,living my best life with the lords grace. ? My Mission is to help people get medication free -Naturally and not suffer like me.

In the year 2006 , I developed severe #Acidreflux /G.E.R.D (Gastro Esophageal Reflux disease as diagnosed by the doctor.

This was during our year long stay in Frankfurt, Germany as my hubby got diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes (all caused by an unhealthy and rich overindulgent diet ) and was hospitalisd for14 days to get healed .I was all alone with my 3 year old daughter in a country where I did not speak the language and had absolutely no help whatsoever.

I suffered from severe stress and had many a sleepless nights and terrible anxiety . My husbands brother passed away from the same disease at a very young age so I was numb with fear and anxiety. I lost my appetite (honestly do not remember eating ) , had to manage my 3 year old child and was praying day and night for my husbands recovery and complete healing and praise the Lord he was healed in the mighty name of Jesus.

When we came to Australia , the doctor put me on medication (proton pump inhibitor) for a year and told me he would need to put a tube with a camera down my throat into my stomach to Quote “see whats going on” Unquote. That gave me a fright of my life and that’s when I decided to study the disease and its triggers. Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be earth shattering news and i went through a lot of stress and depression on medication.

I then decided to research the same (coming from a family of research scientist that was only natural for me ) and found a big connection between acidic food, gluten intolerance ,stress and my stomach pain . I was addicted to #Antacids and could not live a day without them believing that medication was the only way to get cured not knowing that long term use could also cause #Lowstomachacid and #Hpylori bacteria. Henceforth I changed my diet and its been over 12 years that I have been medication free.

Hpylori: In the year 2019 I was recently diagnosed with #Hpylori from smoked salmon on flight food (I travel a lot) .I was advised the triple therapy by my doctor and was put on antibiotics and a PPI once again to heal myself and go on a very strict disciplined #Hpyloridiet for over 3 months . I am pleased to let you know that I am completely healed by the grace of God and off all medication through a very strict and disciplined #Hpyloridiet .

Education : By education I also am an MBA but had to give up my career due to my chronic GERD . Therefore in order to understand and improve my health and make a difference to the lives of others too , I have also now studied to become a Certified Nutrition and Digestive Health coach and specialist. I also have a Certificate course in Food as Medicine (Nutrition ) from Monash University ,Australia .

Mission Statement : My Mission is to help people overcome GERD and other related Digestive Issues naturally , get Medication free , not have to suffer like me or have to give up their career (worked over 15 years in the logistics industry in senior management positions) due to bloating and ill health and help them live a holistic well balanced life .

Book your absolutely FREE session NOW with no strings attached whatsoever . Please directly message me on my Insta or FB handle or for more details and your first discovery session absolutely FREE , looking forward to meeting you on zoom , cheers!

Mission Statement

My Mission is to help people overcome GERD and other related Digestive Issues naturally and get Medication free and not have to suffer like me or have to give up their career due to ill health, and lead a well balanced holistic life . (I worked over 15 years in the manufacturing and logistics industry ,I am a GERD and Hpylori Survivor, read my story on my website ).

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