Radha T,India : Candida ,GERD ,UTI, Seborrheic Dermatitis ,Leaky gut

When I came to Sonya I was very sick and i had absolutely no idea what was wrong. My stomach was bloated like a balloon , i felt nausea ,had severe heartburn & GERD Symptoms , my hair was falling out in lumps .I also had white thrush on my tongue , a bitter taste in my mouth and I would get frequent Urinary Track infection issues .  I had a very itchy skin as well as Seborrheic  Dermatitis and was extremely stressed.

Sonya immediately put me to ease and reassured me all will be well. I slept well that night after a long time. Her step by step guidance has helped me understand my body better , I know now exactly what to eat and avoid, skin care products to buy etc . She is a bit strict and very highly disciplined .She helped me with healing from Candida overgrowth , GERD symptoms as well as a leaky gut and UTI . My hair fall has finally stopped .I am so great full to her for being so patient with me .Big Thankyou Sonya , you have saved my life.

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