Mausamj , Dubai ,UAE :GERD/Gastritis/Anxiety

My stomach went for an absolute toss at the beginning of covid . Blame it on anxiety, stress or just a lack of discipline. As time went by my symptoms got worse , I had severe stomach aches , heartburn, nausea, and occasional vomiting. I was diagnosed with Hpylori last year and my biggest fear was a relapse of the same . Since we were in complete lockdown in Dubai , we had minimal access to a doctor. I was scrolling through social media to get some answers that’s when I came across Sonya’s Instagram account . I knew from her post that she knew what she was talking about and in the hope I would get some help I wrote to her . She replied within no time and actually called me!!from the other end of the world in Australia. I cried when I hung up cause I was so taken aback by her selflessness and willingness to help a complete stranger. She is extremely knowledgeable and guided me what foods to eat and supplements to take . She immediately put me at ease and assured me I was not the only one suffering from gastric issues during covid . She constantly followed up with me and always calmed me down . Her suggestion are on point and a lot of my symptoms are under control. I owe her so much, I owe her my mental and physical peace . You don’t come across people like her very often, my heart is truly filled with gratitude .

@Mausamj , Dubai ,UAE

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