Sanjiv W, Mumbai, India : Acidreflux /Gall Bladder issues/Bloating /Weight loss

Client Name : San 29/03/2021
Issues Faced Bloating
Severe Acidity, Weight Gain Loss of Sleep
Current Weight : 82 Kgs
Target Weight:75 kgs
Weight loss : 7 kgs
Current status afer consultation: Weight Gain Acidity & bloating has always been a issue after got to know that I had a small Gall stone in my gallbladder. At age 53 and also socialising 4 times a
week with friends and family and after meeting with all doctors and dieticians and giving up on everyone I was guided by Sonya Pinto on to a disciplinary Diet, Exercise & mindful eating. When I contacted her on telephone we had a no of sessions to understand my eating habits and moderate exercise and all the food I ate with the oil fat and butter staying in the indian household.
Sonya has guided me to start the day with some celery juice to take care of the inflammation along with a brisk walk and meditation with some breathing exercise to increase the metabolism for
digestion and to get the acidity in control and also to take care of the Gut. After the walk she has configured a diet plan for my breakfast lunch and dinner with some Oats Quinoa ,Egg whites and juices to reduce the inflammation along with fresh coconut water with some chia seeds.Flax seeds and pumpkin seeds also to be used and stay hyradated with lots of water. The evenings has been kept light with some walnuts and green tea or mint tea and a light early dinner with grilled salmon or grilled chicken with vejetables. ein weiht with the diet plan and also feeling lighter with no
bloating and acidity with sonyas help and diet plan I have better sleep and no acidity reflux and no medicines last 3 months ole with a healthy living
Thank you.

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