Areen, California, USA : Gastritis, Candida ,IBS (Diarrhea ),LeakyGut ,SIBO ,Bloating ,Headaches

I’m so thank you to have found Sonya on Instagram. I had H pylori since August and did even know it until the doctors finally decided to do me a breathe test to find out why my stomach was hurting . By the time I got rid of it, I developed gastritis and started PPIs which caused me so much problems with my gut. Sonya has helped me find natural, healthy ways to heal my gut. I struggled with headaches, stomach pains, leaky gut, candida, Sibo, bloating , and diarrhea. Just after three sessions with her , I followed her advice and bought everything she suggested, my gut feels so much better and I can not thank her enough. I never thought I would feel better. She is honestly the best and I can not thank her enough, she truly cares about people and wants to share her knowledge with the ones who struggle with the same problems I did.

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