5 spiced Fruit and Cinnamon glazed nut oats porridge


1.Traditional oats -1 cup

2.Mixed nuts – a handful

3.Apples- 1 chopped

4.Bananas -1 sliced

5.Cinnamon – half a teaspoon

6.Nutmeg- half a teaspoon

7.5 spice powder.- Half a teaspoon


9.Almond butter (optional)

10.Extra virgin coconut oil -1 tablespoon (optional)

11.Cholesterol lowering butter -1.5 teaspoon

Step 1

Boil 1 cup of traditional oats on stove top in 1.5 cup of water .

Step 2

Chop one apple and glaze it on medium heat in a non stick pan in a tablespoon of cholesterols lowering butter, maple, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg and 5 spice powder and cook until it’s melted and evenly coated.

Step 3 : For glazed nuts :

Burn a dollop of cholesterols lowering butter with a teaspoon of maple,vanilla, half a teaspoon of cinnamon , add a handful of mixed nuts (I added pistachios, almond and walnuts just a few not a whole lot to keep it alkaline ) and toss nicely till evenly coated for 2-3 minutes and they change colour and get a glossy glaze or coating .

Step 4 : Finally slice a banana and keep it aside . Melt one tablespoon of almond butter with a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil on medium heat in a non stick pan into a pourable liquid .

Finally assemble it all together as a breakfast bowl and enjoy your delicious and aromatic 5 spiced fruit and nut bowl, my favourite delicious #comfortfood when the weather gets cold . Do give it a go and revert with your feedback, bon appetite and happy cooking .

Disclaimer: These recipes are for normal healthy people . If you suffer from any chronic disease like Gerd /Acidreflux/Candida /SIBO gastritis/ IBS/ Leakygut/ Autoimmunedisease, Thyroid issues etc etc this may or may not be applicable for your particular condition. Feel free to DM me for a free zoom session with no strings attached whatsoever to tailor make a diet for your specific condition. Also if you have any allergies to Nuts or certain ingredients please check before consuming, we are not responsible. All rights reserved .

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