Areen, California, USA : Gastritis, Candida ,IBS (Diarrhea ),LeakyGut ,SIBO ,Bloating ,Headaches

I’m so thank you to have found Sonya on Instagram. I had H pylori since August and did even know it until the doctors finally decided to do me a breathe test to find out why my stomach was hurting . By the time I got rid of it, I developed gastritis and started PPIs which caused me so much problems with my gut. Sonya has helped me find natural, healthy ways to heal my gut. I struggled with headaches, stomach pains, leaky gut, candida, Sibo, bloating , and diarrhea. Just after three sessions with her , I followed her advice and bought everything she suggested, my gut feels so much better and I can not thank her enough. I never thought I would feel better. She is honestly the best and I can not thank her enough, she truly cares about people and wants to share her knowledge with the ones who struggle with the same problems I did.

July 30, 2021

Sarah F, Registered Nurse, Sydney, Australia :Sugar addiction /Menopause /Sleep issues /Mood swing

This is a brief testimony of Mrs. Sonya Pinto “I am a Registered Nurse who recently requested assistance from Sonya in her role as a Certified Nutrition coach for issues with Menopause Symptoms. sugar addiction, poor sleep, and mood swings . Sonya was studious in finding out not just my menopause issues but took a holistic approach to my general health. After much discussion and information sharing, she suggested a change in diet ( specifically sugar and caffeine ) and I am now noting a marked improvement in sleep .mood swings, and hot flushes and am inclined to note an overall improvement in my general health. I would recommend Sonya who anyone suffering from similar”
issues.Thank you so much, Sonya “Sarah Fenton, Sydney, Australia.”

July 30, 2021

Savita S, Sydney, Australia :GERD/Candida /Weight loss

Sonya has vast knowledge in digestive health issues. I was suffering from Gerd and candida. she pud me on diet that made me feel better in just 3 days. The alternate approach to healing, works very well as it has no side effects She comes to rescue to guide you through this entire journey of improving your lifestyle , health with right food choices.I strongly Recommend her, not only for my core issues but also lost 1.5 kgs in one month

July 30, 2021

Brian H, Ireland :GERD/Candida /Anxiety /Depression

I would like to give great credit to sonya for helping me with my gerd. i found sonya on Instagram and loved her recipes more than that though sonya was president with me as i have failed many times with what sonya had for me which was so much info and help .sonya would call me always wanting to help a stubborn person like me .she continues to inspire me and i wish her very well if you have :gerd:anxiety: depression and so on seek out sonya she is amazing.

Brian Chick Henessy
July 30, 2021

Rabita, Canada: IBS/Bloating /Thyroid/GERD

Hi Sonya
I wanted to thank you for helping me identify the right diet for me and coaching me towards all the lifestyle changes i need to bring in for better health. i will gladly recommend you to my friends and friends and family than you

July 30, 2021

Rohit B, India :Acid reflux/GERD /Bloating

Sonya has helped me control my GERD, LPR symptoms. She focused on education so that you as a client will know what you can eat and what you can’t. There is no diet chart you need to follow with her. Just be aware of what you take. She was the only one who told me eggs were acidic and i was facing problem with eggs for long.  I was suffering from Gerd for the past 1.5 years and now that i am educated about the triggers i am now able to control the symptoms. I feel only maintaining good lifestyle can cure anyone . She is a  strict professional and a friend when you need one. thanks Sonya for all your help. I can’t  thank you enough!!

July 30, 2021

Rakhee S , Canada : GERD /Swallowing issues

rakhee18822 OB ©
Hi Ma’am
I am feeling so much better after your suggestion. My swallowing and my Gerd has improved tremendously. I look  forward for my next two session. Thankyou very much for the diet, supplements and suggestions. Rakhee Canada .

Rakhee Singh
July 30, 2021

Natalie, LA ,USA : GERD, Swallowing Issues, Gastritis ,IBS /Diarrhea

My swallowing is better, my bloating has improved, I have not diarrhea and and my gastritis has decreased. I have felt better and I have progressed, I thank you for being very kind, patient, and always answering my questions, I know that with you I will recover my life.

July 30, 2021

Ileana U, LA, USA :LPR /Chronic Anxiety /GERD :Session 1

Hello Sonya. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your positive energy. It is made all the difference. The momenti reached out to you and I got on that zoom meeting with you, things started to change immediately. Your reassurance and kindness helped lift a heavy weight of stress and anxiety off my shoulders. I’ve been doing the exercises, spending time outside soaking up vitamin D, taking baths and using a meditation app.That alone made my chest pain go away. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it was stress all along that was causing my chest pain. I still have the LPR symptoms, but I have faith the diet will help. I’ve been eating very small portions and drinking tea and the supplements you suggested. I hope my LPR gets better soon. The diet has been hard, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about it.Thank you so so much. I’m filling out the forms and will try to send them ASAP. I’m looking forward to our next soon meeting.

My chest pain and other symptoms have gotten better. The PH impedance test was totally normal so all I have now is my appts and tests with an  allergist. And we’ll go from there. Hope you’re doing well.

July 30, 2021

Sanjiv W, Mumbai, India : Acidreflux /Gall Bladder issues/Bloating /Weight loss

Client Name : San 29/03/2021
Issues Faced Bloating
Severe Acidity, Weight Gain Loss of Sleep
Current Weight : 82 Kgs
Target Weight:75 kgs
Weight loss : 7 kgs
Current status afer consultation: Weight Gain Acidity & bloating has always been a issue after got to know that I had a small Gall stone in my gallbladder. At age 53 and also socialising 4 times a
week with friends and family and after meeting with all doctors and dieticians and giving up on everyone I was guided by Sonya Pinto on to a disciplinary Diet, Exercise & mindful eating. When I contacted her on telephone we had a no of sessions to understand my eating habits and moderate exercise and all the food I ate with the oil fat and butter staying in the indian household.
Sonya has guided me to start the day with some celery juice to take care of the inflammation along with a brisk walk and meditation with some breathing exercise to increase the metabolism for
digestion and to get the acidity in control and also to take care of the Gut. After the walk she has configured a diet plan for my breakfast lunch and dinner with some Oats Quinoa ,Egg whites and juices to reduce the inflammation along with fresh coconut water with some chia seeds.Flax seeds and pumpkin seeds also to be used and stay hyradated with lots of water. The evenings has been kept light with some walnuts and green tea or mint tea and a light early dinner with grilled salmon or grilled chicken with vejetables. ein weiht with the diet plan and also feeling lighter with no
bloating and acidity with sonyas help and diet plan I have better sleep and no acidity reflux and no medicines last 3 months ole with a healthy living
Thank you.

July 30, 2021

Carly, UK :IBS/R.A./GERD/Nausea

Hi Sonya
Thanks for your email. I had a good day yesterday with no diahorrea or nausea. All good today too so far too. I’ve been a little more adventurous with what I’m eating, as haven’t had Diahorrea or nausea for a couple of weeks.

August 17, 2021

Lina M, Sydney, Australia :Barrets Esophageous /GERD/Hiatal Hernia :Session 1

Hi Sonya, this is my review as promised “I’m very happy with my 1st consultation with Sonya, she was very professional and went into a lot of details regarding my Gerd / Barret’s Esophageous . I particularly found her advice on mindful eating very helpful, as well her relaxing breathing techniques. Thankyou Sonya I look forward to learning more on my next consult.” Lina

August 17, 2021

Michele C, US :Reflux

Sonya, thank you for your insight. Your advise on diet has help improved my reflux symptoms greatly. And I appreciate that you are such a caring person.

August 17, 2021

Bridget, Sydney, Australia: GERD/SIBO/IBS

I met Sonia through Instagram and she’s has been a blessing. She’s has helped me understand what’s going on and reassured me that it’s okay to eat in moderation. Even at times when I wanted to give up, Sonya always encouraged me. I thank her for this. Although I am still very much on a heading journey, having Sonyas guidance has been affirming and I consider her a valuable resource. She is well knowledged and researched and I look to her for inspiration. Thank you

August 17, 2021

Mausamj , Dubai ,UAE :GERD/Gastritis/Anxiety

My stomach went for an absolute toss at the beginning of covid . Blame it on anxiety, stress or just a lack of discipline. As time went by my symptoms got worse , I had severe stomach aches , heartburn, nausea, and occasional vomiting. I was diagnosed with Hpylori last year and my biggest fear was a relapse of the same . Since we were in complete lockdown in Dubai , we had minimal access to a doctor. I was scrolling through social media to get some answers that’s when I came across Sonya’s Instagram account . I knew from her post that she knew what she was talking about and in the hope I would get some help I wrote to her . She replied within no time and actually called me!!from the other end of the world in Australia. I cried when I hung up cause I was so taken aback by her selflessness and willingness to help a complete stranger. She is extremely knowledgeable and guided me what foods to eat and supplements to take . She immediately put me at ease and assured me I was not the only one suffering from gastric issues during covid . She constantly followed up with me and always calmed me down . Her suggestion are on point and a lot of my symptoms are under control. I owe her so much, I owe her my mental and physical peace . You don’t come across people like her very often, my heart is truly filled with gratitude .

@Mausamj , Dubai ,UAE

August 17, 2021

Rachel W,Scotland,UK :Gut Motility Session 1

Hi Sonya, I had to message you , I did the breathing exercises for 2 minutes this morningand went to the toilet, not loadsbut a bit but Im so Happy :)),Looking forward to your techniques, thanks so much for the email and the food list , Looking forward to Session 2 .

September 9, 2021

Bimpe A, Nigeria : Gastritis ,GERD

Getting to know you ma is really a blessing. Even when other nutritionist did not want to take someone from Nigeria, u accepted me. My gastritis symptoms have improved and I now know better what to eat and avoid GERD symptoms without the use of PPI. Thanks for everything. Will like to stay anonymous, thankyou.



Bimpe A.
November 11, 2021

Radha T,India : Candida ,GERD ,UTI, Seborrheic Dermatitis ,Leaky gut

When I came to Sonya I was very sick and i had absolutely no idea what was wrong. My stomach was bloated like a balloon , i felt nausea ,had severe heartburn & GERD Symptoms , my hair was falling out in lumps .I also had white thrush on my tongue , a bitter taste in my mouth and I would get frequent Urinary Track infection issues .  I had a very itchy skin as well as Seborrheic  Dermatitis and was extremely stressed.

Sonya immediately put me to ease and reassured me all will be well. I slept well that night after a long time. Her step by step guidance has helped me understand my body better , I know now exactly what to eat and avoid, skin care products to buy etc . She is a bit strict and very highly disciplined .She helped me with healing from Candida overgrowth , GERD symptoms as well as a leaky gut and UTI . My hair fall has finally stopped .I am so great full to her for being so patient with me .Big Thankyou Sonya , you have saved my life.

Radha T,India
November 11, 2021

Harita B: Oregon,Portland ,USA #GERD #Candida #Heartburn #nausea

Hi Sonya,

I initially had nausea and heartburn after every meal. Moreover my energy levels were completely low. But after following your plan, I am feeling much better! I was completely surprised to see my symptoms heal just after a week of following your protocol. Thankyou for your guidance and I am looking forward to your sessions to get my health back on track.

Jan 2nd,2022.

January 2, 2022

Dr. Satvika ,Sydney,Australia. Celiac Disease, GERD,SIBO Leaky Gut.

The sessions were very informative and found interesting. I am feeling better .You were funny and jovial. Found Leaky Gut, SIBO ,Autoimmune .

Dr Satvika,Sydney.

January 14, 2022

Harita B,Portland,Oregon,USA :

Hi Sonya,

I had Nausea and heartburn after every meal. My energy levels were completely low.But after following your plan,I am feeling much better!

I was completely surprised to see my symptoms heal just after a week of following your protocol. Thankyou for your guidance and i’m looking forward to your sessions to get my health back on track. ;-))

Harita .2nd Jan2022 .


January 14, 2022

Rachna E,OK,USA:GERD/LPR/Gastritis/Burning Tongue etc .

Feedback of Sessions 1 & 2 :

I have been feeling much better after following your GERD/LPR/Gastritis and Histamine protocol in just 2 sessions. It is a huge relief from burning tongue as well. You are the best coach . regards Rachna. 23rd Feb,2022.

April 15, 2022

Emannuel, Canada ,#ChronicConstipation ,#Bloating #GERD #IBS#SIBO

June 1, 2022


June 1, 2022


I suffered from gastritis and oesophagitis after following the protocols given by sonya my symptoms have improved a lot. Sonya is amazing in what she does she responds promptly she is also helping me deal with my iron deficiency anemia as well .

Yamini N
June 8, 2022


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